Gnaural for Android 1.0.20140623


A binaural beat generator intended as an aid to meditation.

Gnaural is a computer-based binaural beat audio generator intended as an aural aid to meditation. Long available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, this is the official port of the Gnaural player to Android.

Generating binaural beats requires a lot of processing power. To avoid audio stuttering, it is recommended that the phone be a recent model running at least Froyo (2.2). However, there are options to lower the processing load by either lower the sample rate (under Preferences) or turning off extra voices. To see how Gnaural runs on your phone, you can try the Demo version here:

Gnaural for Android comes with 14 built-in presets to start with. It can also play external presets created by you or others with the computer-based version of Gnaural, having the capability to play all 7 Gnaural voices, specifically:

- Binaural Beat
- Pink Noise
- Audio File (WAV file only)
- Isochronic Pulses
- Alternating Isochronic Pulses
- Water Drops
- Rain

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